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1Core Solution has been perfecting its childcare management software for more than 15 years. After working hand in hand with clients and partners, listening and solving all their Childcare management needs, today 1Core Solution is the most comprehensive and overall best childcare management software in the industry.

The 1Core Childcare management software makes the work of childcare center directors and staff much easier. It provides the peace of mind to parents who need to know their children are safe and secure while they’re away.

1Core Solution is a fully cloud-based software, allowing you to manage your entire center and access all your data from your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or desktop at any time.

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Why choose 1Core Solution?

We, with our 15 years of providing back-office cloud solutions for childcare businesses like you, listened to the essentials of modern-day needs, solved them to elevate your business and launched the solution as 1Core.

How We Deliver Peace of Mind To Childcare Business?

Modern user experience for ease

Mobile apps for childcare management

Parent engagement and communication

Enrollment automation for better supervision

Digital documents for paperless records

Predictive staff scheduling

Automated billing, invoice and payments

Simplified summer camps registration

CRM companion for better client experience

Business snapshot as a dashboard


15 years listening, solving, and elevating your business

If you are a Daycare, Childcare Center, After-school program, Child-activity center, and/or a Summer Camp program, 1Core’s cloud-based childcare software can help you elevate your business even in trying times such as those created by COVID-19.

When we saw the massive impact COVID-19 had on the entire Childcare industry, we got to work right away and developed additional tools for our clients to thrive with peace of mind in these chaotic times. Make your tasks simpler with the best childcare software.

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1Core Promise

How 1Core develops solutions for childcare?

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COVID-19 features to pandemic-proof your childcare center

We believe that the best childcare management software and the company should always provide solutions and solve problems quickly, especially during difficult times. We spoke with all our clients who were struggling and asked them how we could help. Their feedback resulted in a set of features we built for our 1Core Childcare Software that we now offer to our clients so they can get back on their feet during what we call the “New Normal.”

Here’s how you can get the most of our childcare management software. The following COVID-19 features are included in the 1Core Subscription at no additional cost:

  • Touchless sign in and out
  • Daily Health Screening by Parents and Staff
  • Touchless Registration (100% paperless with eSignatures)
  • Classroom LIVE Streaming
  • Live Virtual Center Tours
  • Virtual Preschool
  • Touchless (Online) Tuition Payment
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Why 1Core Connect?

We wanted to make sure we really serve the entire childcare industry during and post COVID-19. So, 1Core Connect is developed as a FREE tool that ANY center can use despite the Childcare software they might be currently using.

1Core Connect, Your FOREVER FREE New Flexible Staff Scheduling Communication App

1Core Connect allows childcare center directors and staff to stay connected and manage schedules with ease and flexibility. This helps to keep your Childcare center operational during the pandemic.

This is what it does:

  1. Get all your staff under ONE platform where everyone's availability is visible at all times
  2. Post jobs and assignments for staff to view and accept on the spot and automatically send reminders when their assignment is coming up Keep your center safe and open with touchless sign in and out and Daily Health Screenings...all in ONE, convenient place!
  3. Save Time with Location-Aware Technology - The app knows where you and your staff are at all times, making it easier to assess availability and time frames.
  4. We hope you take advantage of this free tool. It is our way of giving back and being a force for change and innovation in the Childcare industry.

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Why childcare centers trust & love 1Core?